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crane, floor-operated - crane, semigantry

crane, floor-operated: an operator has control of this cranes movements by using controllers kept suspended from the crane in a pendant station

crane, molten-material-handling: used for pouring or transporting molten material, this is a type of overhead crane.

crane, gantry: the bridge for carrying the trolley or trolleys is supported rigidly on two or more legs running on fixed rails or other runway, outside of this, it is much like an overhead crane.

crane, manually operated: this crane’s travel mechanism is driven by pulling an endless chain or by moving the load or hook manually, or the crane’s hoist mechanism is driven in the same manner.

crane, outdoor: a crane (either gantry crane or overhead crane) that is used in the outdoors and will not be available for storage in an area protected from the weather. While an indoor crane may be used periodically outdoors, it is still not classified as an outdoor crane.

crane, power-operated: a pneumatic, electric, internal combustion, or hydraulic driven crane.

crane, polar: a crane  (either gantry or overhead) that can travel on a runway that is circular.

crane, remote-operated: a crane whose operator uses controllers contained in a operating station that is not attached to the crane and is portable to control crane movements

crane, pulpit-operated: A crane whose operator uses controllers located in a movable or fixed platform or cab that is separate from the crane or a control room to control movement of the crane

crane, overhead: a crane with multiple or a single girder movable bridge bearing a fixed or movable hoisting mechanism and journeying on a fixed, overhead runway structure.

crane, semigantry: a gantry that has one end of the bridge being held up by an end truck running on an raised runway or rail, and the other end of the bridge rigidly held up on one or more legs that run on a fixed runway or rail.