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Power industry :Proven and Reliable lifting solutions

konecranes has gained its knowledge and expertise through years of experience and accordingly has a wide ranging list of references. Having been generating solutions for the power industry since the 1930s, we have developed a deep understanding of the power industry’s characteristics and challenges, processes, product and service needs, as well as the technical requirements

Rail mounted gantry cranes :Wider intermodal horizons

Smarter from every perspective

RailQ prospektus

A Konecranes RailQ™ darupálya vizsgálat vezető sínelemzési szolgáltatásokat kínál az iparágban. A vizsgálat pontos információt ad a darupálya beállításáról és szakértői javaslatokat tartalmaz a szükséges korrekciókra vonatkozóan. A RailQ hozzájárul a daruk biztonságának és teljesítményének növeléséhez.

Remote Operating Station for Overhead Cranes

The twenty-first century alternative to the traditional cabin on a crane is remote operation. A multifunctional electronic desk, camera-based visuals and ergonomic controls support both effective work and a pleasant user experience.

Retrofits Brochure

Retrofits are a relatively easy and economical way to add current features and technologies to an existing overhead crane. Common retrofits are hoist replacements, the addition of LED lighting and traveling drives with inverters. Compared to modernizations, retrofits typically require much less pre-planning and downtime.

RopeQ™ Magnetic Rope Inspection: Inspecting What You Cannot See

Many wire rope structures start to wear from the inside out. A worn wire rope can be a major safety hazard and cause production losses. Why wait for a scheduled change when you can make decisions based on the actual condition of the rope?

RTG Retrofits

RTG Retrofits

Safe Features – Lift Smart, Every Lift

Konecranes Safe Features are available for electric overhead traveling cranes and bring concrete benefits to your lifting processes.

Scrap Handling Crane Technical Specs

Scrap handling cranes work in the scrap yard, loading scrap into buckets that are transported to the melt shop. These cranes are typically high-duty, high speed cranes. Special attention is paid to the crane operator’s environment because of the high dust, noise and vibration levels that are typical in the scrap yard environment.

Slab and Billet Handling Cranes

Smart Handling for the Pulp and Paper

Smart Handling for the Pulp and Paper

SMARTON - The Crane With a Brain

SMARTON® is a built-up, open winch heavy duty crane for demanding process, assembly and maintenance use, with a lifting capacity from 6.3 to 500 tons. SMARTON is available with Konecranes software-based Smart Features and the wireless SMARTON Tablet that supports easy opertation and maintenance, providing real time crane usage and condition data. SMARTON's energy-saving drives are available with an energy feedback system to maximize energy efficiency.

SMARTON and UNITON - digital brochure

SMARTON and UNITON digital brochure


SMARTON and UNITON - Cranes for the toughest operations

Steel Warehouse Cranes

Straddle Carriers

Straddle Carriers a lifetime of high performance

STS Crane Modernization: Meet the Future Needs of Your Ship-to-Shore Crane

STS Crane Modernization: Meet the Future Needs of Your Ship-to-Shore Crane

The Cranes with a Brain SMARTON

The Cranes with a Brain SMARTON

TRUCONNECT Remote Service

Lifecycle Care is our comprehensive and systematic approach to maintenance, supported by world-class tools and processes. In order to deliver Lifecycle Care in Real Time, we use the Industrial Internet, connecting data, machines and people.

TRUCONNECT® Remote Diagnostics and Technical Support for Machine Tools

TRUCONNECT® Remote Service connects data, machines and people to provide remote monitoring, diagnostics, analytics and usage-based predictive maintenance designed to help businesses address potential maintenance and performance issues before these issues become critical and threaten employee safety, productivity and revenue.

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring: Improved Safety and Optimized Crane Maintenance

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring: Improved Safety and Optimized Crane Maintenance

UNITON Built-up Crane

Waste To Energy Industry Solutions

Workstation cranes brochure

Workstation Lifting Systems brochure