Safety is everything

We want our people and our customers returning home safely each and every night. At Konecranes there is no job so important and no service so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely and correctly.

Lifting productivity

Of course downtime is costly, but we want to make sure you get the most out of your uptime. Together with safety, improving your productivity is our primary focus.

Konecranes Service

We provide specialized maintenance services and spare parts for all types and makes of industrial cranes, hoists and port equipment—from a single piece of equipment to entire operations. Our objective is to improve the safety and productivity of our customers’ operations.

Why choose Konecranes?

600 locations worldwide

2 million annual service calls

14,000 remote connections

740,000 pieces of equipment under maintenance agreement


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Our approach to crane maintenance

Lifecycle Care results in highest lifecycle value—maximizing the productivity of uptime and minimizing the cost of downtime.

Our crane experts apply a systematic Risk and Recommendation Method of evaluation and a consultative planning and review process to drive continuous improvement of safety and productivity.

Inspections & preventive maintenance

identify risks and improvement opportunities and support compliance.

Corrective maintenance & retrofits

address safety and productivity issues and capitalize on improvement opportunities.

Consultation services

guide decision making, uncover critical issues and maximize return on investment.

Modernization services

prolong the economic service life of equipment.

New equipment

for new installations or replacing old equipment.

Lifecycle Care

A comprehensive and systematic approach to maintenance, supported by world-class tools and processes.

Konecranes service programmes

From the first CONTACT, to our professional evaluation of the CONDITION of your equipment, to preventive maintenance and consultation services that provide optimal CARE, Konecranes will tailor a service programme to lift your business. When a mutual COMMITMENT to maintenance outsourcing or COMPLETE maintenance and material handling outsourcing is required, Konecranes has the experience and resources to help you meet your business objectives.


We can respond quickly when you CONTACT us for parts, breakdowns and other short-term needs.


If you are not ready to outsource your preventive maintenance, our CONDITION inspection program can help you comply with your local statutory inspection requirements and support your own in-house maintenance actions.


The foundation of Lifecycle Care is inspections and preventive maintenance. We tailor the CARE Preventive Maintenance Program to your operations and take into account crane usage, the operating environment, duty classification, manufacturer’s recommendations and local regulations.


If you desire the benefits of broad-scope maintenance outsourcing, our COMMITMENT maintenance program can be tailored to your requirements.


If you are interested in outsourcing your entire material handling process, including operations and maintenance, our COMPLETE maintenance and operations program may be the answer.

Crane inspections & preventive maintenance

Konecranes can provide you with compliance and preventive maintenance inspections to satisfy your local requirements. Preventive maintenance is essential to the health of your equipment. It can include visual checks and routine maintenance work, such as adjusting and lubricating, and replacement of wearing parts. Ask your Konecranes representative how TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring can be used to guide your maintenance decisions.



Corrective maintenance and retrofits

Inspections and preventive maintenance sometimes uncover component faults that need to be corrected. In many jurisdictions, timely repairs are required by regulation.

At times replacing a component is better than repairing it. Retrofits are a relatively easy and economical way to add current features and technologies to your existing overhead crane.


Consultation services

Sometimes a more detailed evaluation is necessary than can be performed during regular inspections and preventive maintenance. Our Consultation Services meet this need with advanced technology and trained specialists when a deeper look at your crane and its components is required.


Crane modernisations

Modernisations can provide a complete transformation of your existing crane as an alternative to replacing it. Common modernisations include replacing hoists, trolleys, operator cabs and controls to achieve increased capacity, speed, duty or load control.


Parts for all crane makes and models

It doesn’t matter who made your crane. We can provide the parts you need when you need them. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can design and manufacture a custom part. We also have access to countless OEM drawings, allowing us to fabricate parts for equipment no longer being manufactured.


Spare Parts Contacts

Select a country to see the contact information of the closest spare part distribution center.

Afghanistan Phone: +971 4815 6800
Africa (Sub-Saharan area) Phone: +27(0) 11 8642800
+27(0) 76 2738842
Austria Phone: +43 59 302 2000
Bahrain Phone: +971 4815 6800
Belgium Phone: +32 13 53 96 60
Canada Phone: 1.800.267.5663
China Phone: +86 21 2606 1201
Denmark Phone: +45 4655 0814
Egypt Phone: +971 4815 6800
Estonia Phone: +372 6119 062
Finland Phone: +358 20 427 4430
France Phone: +33 02 38 71 94 00
Germany Phone: +49 51 1770 4333
Greece Phone: +306951970970
India Phone: +91 20 400 47470
Indonesia Phone: +62 81 1150 9767
Iran Phone: +971 4815 6800
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Ireland Phone: +44 (0) 1332 697700
Out of Hours: +44 (0) 771 7344915
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Kuwait Phone: +971 4815 6800
Lebanon Phone: +971 4815 6800
Luxemburg Phone: +32 13 53 96 60
Malaysia Phone: +60 3 7880 3100
Mexico Phone: +52.55.5077.1670 / +52.81.8196.5300
Netherlands Phone: +31 299 488832
New Guinea
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Norway Phone: 22 07 97 00
Oman Phone: +971 4815 6800
Pakistan Phone: +971 4815 6800
Philippines Phone: +632 584 4606
Qatar Phone: +971 4815 6800
Russia Phone: +7 812 325 70 07
Saudi Arabia Phone: +966 133441739
Toll free: 8002470133
Singapore Phone: +65 6861 2233
South Africa Phone: +27 (0)11 898 3500
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Sweden Phone: 044 18 8400
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Thailand Phone: +66 3834 8305
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Vietnam Phone: +84 8 6296 1948
Yemen Phone: +971 4815 6800
USA Phone: 1.800.727.8774 Website:
Other countries Phone: +358 20 427 11

Truconnect® remote service

Technology has revolutionised the way we capture, share and consume information. TRUCONNECT brings the benefits of the Industrial Internet to material handing by connecting data, machines and people.