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On-Call Assistance

Just A Phone Call Away

Lifting equipment under very heavy use can sometimes suffer from unforeseen breakdowns. You want to minimize your downtime when problems occur, so Konecranes on-call service is available to help you conduct emergency repairs whenever you need it, around the clock, every single day of the year.

If you get an electrical or software fault, it could stop one crane, or freeze up an entire automated yard. On-call assistance immediately puts you in contact with a Konecranes expert who will help you to identify the most likely cause and get your equipment back to work quickly. TRUCONNECT® remote diagnostics can often add useful data and speed up the process.

Alternatively, if you have a mechanical problem that cannot be fixed remotely, TRUCONNECT® can help to establish the physical condition of your equipment and conduct an error analysis in advance, before highly-trained Konecranes service personnel arrive for a visual inspection, troubleshooting and repairs.

Downtime is expensive, so you need to end it fast. Whether you can solve the problem by phone, or you require someone on-site, Konecranes on-call assistance gives you access to a global expert team working with local certified partners for your convenience and peace of mind.

Planning ahead long-term helps keep your equipment in good condition, minimizes the risk of breakdowns, and gives access to on-call assistance case by case or as part of a wider service agreement.