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Check The Current Situation

An inspection is the primary source of information that guides repairs, service, maintenance or upgrades. Regular inspections maximize the safety and reliability of your equipment, ensuring less breakdowns and higher productivity. You get the knowledge to make better decisions about your capital resources and your business.

Konecranes has a team of trained and certified inspectors who use tools that were specially developed in-house to assess the condition of your equipment. Their reports help prioritize recommendations for troubleshooting and repairs.

You can order three types of inspections:

  • Statutory, to fulfill legal requirements
  • One-time, to check the condition of your equipment and plan maintenance
  • Scheduled, to observe your equipment over time and follow a preventive maintenance program

Each inspection is planned carefully to give you the maximum benefit from its findings. It starts with the steel structure, then examines the operating machinery, tests the electrical systems, and checks over any hydraulics. A comprehensive inspection combines a check of your equipment’s safety, the state of its components, and routine maintenance.

Usage data from TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring, along with the results of your inspections, are available at our customer portal, giving you a clear view of your equipment over time.