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EXATB AirBalancer

Lift without a hoist

Speed, precision and safety are the main priorities in hazardous working areas. The ATEX-certified Konecranes EXATB AirBalancer gives you all of these without a hoist. You can lift up to 350 kg using air pressure as the sole power source.

The EXATB AirBalancer has been specifically designed for use in Zones 2 and 22. If an operator mistakenly overloads the device, it will not do the lift - the risk of dropping a load is considerably lower.

Light as a feather

An ergonomic unit without buttons or handles, the ATB AirBalancer uses the natural lifting motion of the operator. Riding on air, smooth movement is virtually guaranteed. A centrifugal brake keeps your moving load in check, and the operator controls the speed.

Because the EXATB AirBalancer does not use electricity, its operating cost is low, and it runs with a 100% duty cycle. No motor means very little maintenance and a clean, quiet working environment.

Safety in hazardous environments

The EXATB AirBalancer is our famous ATB AirBalancer adapted for hazardous environments. It is especially good for assembly or maintenance, and its overall stability and safety make it ideal for moving fragile items.

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